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Floral Fragrances

Explore our luxurious scent collection, from soothing Seychelles and uplifting Lime & Bay to zesty Verveine and beyond. Including blissful body care and beautiful home fragrance, there's something for everyone.

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    Spa Restore & Relax Collection

    Spa Restore & Relax Collection

    Calming & Invigorating. Imagine a luxurious spa. Notes of calming lavender, cool clary sage and soothing peppermint refresh calm and relax the mind.

    From $17 to $44
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  • Flowers Collection

    Flowers Collection

    Light & Floral. Flowers is a light and pretty blend with floral notes of jasmine, rose, neroli, lavender and geranium.

    From $10 to $75
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  • Cashmere Collection

    Cashmere Collection

    Soft & Comforting. Like enveloping yourself in precious cashmere, our indulgent blend of tuberose, cashmere woods and jasmine is an unparalleled luxury.
    From $16 to $39
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  • Linen Collection

    Linen Collection

    Light & Breezy. Like slipping into a linen dress on a sunny day, our blend of sweet neroli and green eucalyptus with fresh rose is wonderfully carefree.
    From $16 to $39
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  • Blanc Collection

    Blanc Collection

    Fresh & Floral. Imagine the first day of an exciting new beginning. Fabulously crisp, white geranium is illuminated by bright juniper berry.

    From $26 to $55
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  • White Geranium Collection

    White Geranium Collection

    Relaxing & Calming

    Refreshingly clean and uplifting. A herbal blend with notes of lavender, eucalyptus, and geranium laced with rose and fresh thyme.

    From $15 to $36
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  • Noir Collection

    Noir Collection

    Floral & Exotic. Picture Parisian nightfall. Our blend of amber entwines with flirtatiously bright mandarin and whispers of aromatic sandalwood.

    From $26 to $55
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  • Day Collection

    Day Collection

    Light & Refreshing. The delicate sweetness of jasmine and apple suffused with aromatic cedarwood and a burst of bergamot gives this scent its twist.
    From $42 to $98
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  • Symons Collection

    Symons Collection

    Soft & Luxurious. Inspired by our London signature store. Sumptuous cashmere is entwined with white amber, crisp cotton and delicate peony.

    From $42 to $55
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