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  • In the making: the candle story

    Dreaming in Down

    At The White Company quality is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we’ve scoured the globe to find a world class comforters and pillow manufacture sourcing only the finest quality raw materials.

  • A clean start

    European Down

    The journey begins with sourcing the finest quality down. Produced in Europe, the down used in our pillows and comforters is naturally thicker, fluffier and softer than its more tropical counterparts. This is thanks to cooler climates and more varied seasonality of Scandinavia, resulting in a far superior end product.

    Tranquil natural surroundings are key, as the origins of down secures it’s quality

  • Combing

    Quality Control

    All our down is then processed through an intensive sieving and sorting process that guarantees only the finest quality raw materials are selected to fill our products.

    Thanks to its fine, airy construction natural goose down has a cloud-like quality

  • Handcrafted details

    Hand Finished

    Every pillow and comforter we produce is rigorously plumped by hand before packing to ensure an even distribution of down clusters and air in the finished product, making for optimum sumptuousness.

  • Comforters

    Product Name Composition Fill Power* Casing Product Information
    European Down & Feather Duck Down & Duck Feathers (55% Down, 45% Feathers) 500 100% Cotton Cambric 233 thread count Percale. A fine blend of European down and small fine feathers. Sourced from the coldest regions in Europe where the ducks have had the time to develop large and well-insulating down, making it fluffier and thicker compared to its tropical counterparts

    * Fill power determines how 'fluffy' or 'lofty' the down is. The higher the fill power, the larger the down cluster resulting in a softer, warmer and longer lasting comforters.

  • Pillows

    Product Name Composition Fill Power Casing Support
    European Down & Feather Chamber Pillow Inner Chamber 27%:Duck Feathers & Down(90% Feather, 10% Down)Outer Chamber 73%:Duck Down & Duck Feathers(55% Down, 45% Feathers) 500 100% Cotton Cambric 233 thread count Percale. Medium Support

In the making...

Discover the story behind our beautiful-quality comforters