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Corporate Social Responsibility

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We are delighted to invite you to join us on our continuing journey to ensure we are taking all reasonable steps to trade responsibly.

We don't claim to hold all the answers but whether it's that 'must have' item of daywear or indulgent fragrance you use to freshen up your home, we are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in our business activities in the United Kingdom and overseas.


Building on the success of our values that make The White Company what it is today we aim to incorporate ethical trade into the way we do business.

We understand our customers trust us to deliver our promises on quality and price and this is no different when considering their growing awareness to responsible business. At The White Company there is a deep understanding and belief that as we expand we must rise to meet any new challenges.


We take corporate social responsibility extremely seriously and for us it is not enough to simply comply with the minimum requirements. We are increasingly finding ways to continuously challenge and improve our standards. We are as passionate about this as when we first set out on our original mission to supply high quality affordable white products. Demonstrating our commitment to protecting workers' rights we are proud to be members of the Ethical Trading Initiative. See more in our FAQ section.


When buying a White Company product we understand our customers expect it will be beautifully made. What our customers may not know is that we take the same amount of care to make sure that we support the skilled workers who make our products.

We recognize purchasing practices can be a major factor in causing mistreatment for workers. We look at our way of doing business with our suppliers and take care not to place unrealistic deadlines and pressure on them.

We work closely with our suppliers to help drive improvements and monitor their progress through regular visits and third party audits. Through collaborative agendas with suppliers we are dedicated to encourage good custom and support positive change.

We are determined to make sure when you buy a White Company product, great care and attention to detail is taken to create the product and better the livelihoods of the workers involved.


At The White Company we are all One Team. No matter if it's at our head office, distribution centre or at one of our beautiful stores we are all working simultaneously to one aim.

There's nothing like searching for a gift for that special someone. At The White Company we share this enthusiasm and search for ways we can contribute gifts to our community. Through collective efforts with carefully and personally chosen charities we hope to make donations that will make a real difference. We are proud to support Newlife as well as three other brilliant charities: The Prince's Trust, Kids Company and Refuge, under the umbrella of Chrissie’s White Heart Foundation.


Attempting to minimise our impact on the environment we are eager to listen to customers and employees alike to find new alternatives. Our Green Team, made up of representatives across the business endeavour to promote green practice among the business and to examine ways to make it easier for our customers to recycle.

We are supporters of sustainability and the environment. Current projects include embracing the EU Timber regulations, ensuring that all our wood and wood based products are sourced from ethical and environmentally responsible sources. Continuing our recycling journey we aim to measure and improve on our success from new initiatives put into place over the last year.

Printed word has played a vital part in our history and today we are still proud of our fabulous brochures. However we are fully aware this is a major source of our use of paper. To address this we use PEFC certified paper where available. This ensures the paper used is from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. All brochures are of course also fully recyclable.

We take great pleasure in sharing with you our journey and hope you will join in with us. It is one that will never cease and our route is evolving. We understand our responsibilities and importance of making the right decisions to ensure a successful journey.


Are we members of the Ethical Trading Initiative?

Yes. To further our commitment to ethical trade we joined the ETI as foundation stage members in September 2012. We are pleased to announce from February 2014 we are now full members of the ETI. We aim to integrate ethical trade into the heart of our business and believe working with ETI is essential to achieving this aim. To learn more about ETI and what it means to be a member, visit

Do we have a Code of Conduct?

We require all our suppliers to adopt our Code of Conduct, which is based on the ETI Base Code, 'an internationally recognised code of labor practice'.

If a supplier cannot meet our standards or we find a problem, we work together to agree actions and timescales to solve the issue. If suppliers fail to meet our requirements after all options have been exhausted, we are ready to take our business elsewhere.

Do we use homeworkers?

The White Company is committed to improving working standards in its supply chains through the application of international labor standards. This includes a commitment to improving standards in those parts of the supply chain which are the most difficult to reach.

Historically, the lack of visibility of home workers in supply chains, combined with their complicated employment status in many countries, has made them a vulnerable group of workers. We take an open and positive position towards home-working as one of the first steps in making progress on improving their labor conditions; and to do so helps to prevent driving the practice 'underground' which can have unintended consequences, such as where workers could lose their sole means of income.

We understand it is a complex issue but believe skilled homeworkers are important to the hand crafted, quality nature of many of our products. It is this belief that feeds our commitment to help them improve.

What are our core environmental values?

At The White Company we have four key aims towards the way we do business and how this impacts on the environment. We aim to reduce and use less, recycle more, switch off and switch to environmentally friendly alternatives where possible across all business functions.