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Children's bed linen size chart

These size charts have been designed to ensure the bed linen you are purchasing is the right size for your little one's bed, whether it's a cot, single or double – all you need is a tape measure.

Bed linen size chart

Pillowcases Duvet covers Fitted sheets
Moses basket W28 x L66cm–W28 x L74cm
W11 x L26"–W11 x L29"
Cot bed W36 x L58cm
W14 x L23"
W120 x L140cm
W47 x L55"
W70 x L140 x D14.5cm
W28 x L55 x D6"
Single W140 x L200cm
W55 x L79"
W90 x L190 x D30cm
W35 x L75 x D12"
Double W200 x L200cm
W79 x L79"
W140 x L190 x D30cm
W55 x L75 x D12"
Standard W50 x L75cm
W20 x L30"

Pillow size chart

Cot bed W36 x L58cm
W14 x L23"
Standard W50 x L75cm
W20 x L30"
Small rectangle W30 x L50cm
W12 x L20"
Small square W40 x L40cm
W16 x L16"
Medium square W50 x L50cm
W20 x L20"

Baby blanket size chart

Pram W75 x L100cm
W29.5 x L39.4"
Cot W100 x L150cm
W39.4 x L59"

Quilt size chart

Cot bed W95 x L120cm
W30 x L40"
Single W95 x L120cm
W30 x L40"

Throw size chart

Single W145 x L165cm
W57 x L65"

Cushion cover size chart

Square Rectangular
Small W40 x L40cm
16 x 16"
W30 x L50cm
12 x 20"
Medium W50 x L50m
20" x 20"
Large W65 x L65cm
26 x 26"